Liability for Claims

Any compensation and losses that caused from the quality problem should be arbitrated by an authority third party, reasonable and effective evidence should be provided.
We update the products just for provide better products and service to the clients, it is reasonable that we reserve rights of explanation without any responsibility.
 We make out the instruction and data of the products abide by the physical or chemical character of products and just for the user’s reference, once the environment or material or some other situation changed that cause the different results as we provided, it normal and we do not take the responsibility, once the usage and ability beyond our promise, we suggest that the client try more times and make a final decision.
Our quality promise: we accept goods-rejection within 7 days for the quality problem.
All of our products we would mark very clear of the shelf time as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years, etc, shelf life means starting from the production time, we advise our clients to pay attention to the shelf life, any affairs caused by use glue beyond the shelf life we would be free of ability. We only take the full responsibility within shelf life.

Any quality problem that we can control, we would accept a hand writing compensation contract with our authority signature.

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